This website is opposed to the University of Kent's development proposals for Chaucer Fields

Village Green Status

In March 2016 KCC decided to reject the Village Green Application on the recommendation of The Inspector.

Why did we apply for a Village Green?

Village Green application update - date set for public inquiry
Kent County Council have set the date the village green non-statutory Public Inquiry. It will take place on the week commencing Monday 18th March 2013 at The Franciscan International Study Centre, Giles Lane, Canterbury CT2 7NA.

We expect we will call around 20 residents who use the land to give evidence, who will also be cross-examined by barristers representing the objector (University of Kent). The University will also call their witnesses and our barrister will cross examine them.

Any members of the public can attend to watch the Inquiry. It is expected to start at 10am each day. Please note there is no public parking at the Centre, but there is a good bus service.

The Inquiry is following KCC considering the Village Green Application on 11th September 2012 in the Westgate Hall in Canterbury. As recommended by the KCC Officer, the Regulation Committee Members Panel agreed that the application should be the subject of a non-statuary Public Inquiry.

Information on Kent County Council's website about Village Green and Common Land. Keep an eye on this site for updates on the Chaucer Fields application.

Over 262 residents have given statements saying they have used the land for recreation purposes. The application has been made with most statements being from people from the locality of Canterbury, and mainly from the neighbourhoods of St Michaels / Salisbury Road area, Roper Rd / Beverley Road area, Harkness Drive area and Whitstable Rd / St Thomas Hill, including Cherry Drive, and roads running off these locations.

Please view below the Notice of Application reference VGA635 and map below.


We are seeking to preserve free access and the right to roam and use the land for amenity purposes, across the slopes, meadow and woodland for all local people, whilst protecting the Slopes from development. Village Green Status would formalise and safeguard the use of the land to allow people continued unchallenged access to a popular informal open space, as has been the case for over thirty years. Town and Village Greens originate in customary law, where long standing recreational use of land by local inhabitants came to be protected by the courts. Village Greens are areas of land where local people have for many years indulged in lawful sports or pastimes, which might include organised or informal games, picnics, dog walking, berry picking, playing, bird watching, exercise or similar activities. A green can be in private

village green doc1

How can new Village Greens be registered?

The Commons Act 2006 allows for applications to be made to register land as a new village green. We will need to show that the land in question has been used:

Anyone can apply to register a green if it meets the statutory criteria.

How are registered Village Greens protected?

Town and village greens once registered are protected by: