This website is opposed to the University of Kent's development proposals for Chaucer Fields


Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Reasons for opposing the development of the Southern Slopes  (SHLAA 057). Word document.

A map (pdf) from the 2006 Local Plan shows SHLAA 057. A 'SHLAA' is an area of open land that a developer wants to be investigated for its housing potential. The University of Kent wants the whole of the Southern Slopes to be investigated by Canterbury City Council. The Southern slopes includes the are named Chaucer Fields.

Objection Documents

P 1 Introduction

P 2 History and Planning Policies

P 3 Environment

P 4 Alternative Site Selection

P 5 Transport

P 6 Disturbance

P 7 Consultation

P 8 Economic Assessment

P 9 Conclusion


P Local Plan Map with Key

P New UKC Estates Map 1:25000 with Labels

P UKC Alternative Sites


Save Our Space Save Our Space

Green Heritage Take Action Now

Residents’ Associations

Proposed development Download and read the objections sent out by St. Michael’s Road Area Residents’ Association.

Other documents

Publicity Leaflet Survey: The Value of Chaucer Fields as an unspoilt green space. This  survey seeks to collect data on people's attitudes to UKC's Chaucer Fields development plan.

Leaflet and map Download a leaflet with map to distribute to neighbours.

Village green questionnaire Download an evidence questionnaire in support of village green application

The proposal The Proposor’s website

Comment online Comment online at Canterbury People discussion group