This website is opposed to the University of Kent's development proposals for Chaucer Fields

Quality of life concerns

Noise from the development
There will be much increased noise from the development. The area is quiet residential and will become like a busy city centre with nightlife and constuction.

Increased Student noise from pedestrian traffic
We recognise that the majority of students of University of Kent students do not aim to cause a problem, but there are problems. Problems do occur from a  small majority, and also because of differing lifestyles of students with later nights  with events ending at 2am for example, than those of neighbours who work, children who go to school or are retired. Naturally when people have had a drink they will be less aware of the noise they make and lose some inhibitions.

Noise from students going to and from  is already a problem in the streets running north from Forty Acres Road and Beaconsfield Road towards the University of Kent Campus. The pedestrian railway underpass running south to Station Road West will become increasingly busy, and student noise will increase affecting everyone living in the streets on the route between the proposed site and Canterbury. View the map. The noise from existing student houses in the community will not reduce, as these houses are cheaper to rent than University of Kent's student accommodation.

Having accommodation on the outsirts of the campus will not reduce night noise. There are many students nights in central Canterbury that University of Kent students go to, many running to 2am e.g.  Baa bars student nights Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Students will often be walking home with some causing noise disturbance to roads mentioned above, as well as going by Whitstable Road and other roads.

The footpath access from Salisbury Road running up to the south-western corner of Chaucer Fields (that is not adequately indicated on the Proposal's website plan) will become much busier, and the extra footfalls will affect the residents of this area. This additional pedestrian traffic will be all year round, rather than during the academic year, as delegates from the conference centre and residents of the proposed hotel and halls of residence will be present during vacation periods, that currently present local residents with some relief from term-time. Residents on Durnford Close, Damerham Close, Cadnam Close, and Harkness Drive will be directly affected by the proximity of the proposed development.
Intermittent noise at night, waking people from sleep at different occasions (people walking by in groups at different times – loud voices etc),  has proven links to causing sleep depravation which links to causing some ill-health.
The five-storey high elevation of the proposed hotel and students blocks will generate significant direct noise for these residents, where once the local residents enjoyed birdsong.

Residential parking will become necessary, which residents do not want. Both the University and City Council are recommending a residents parking scheme. This reduces available parking spaces, requiring special and costly permits for residents and their guests. If the University wants extra student accommodation they should build it on central campus like the nursery site opposite the Union which is moving, and is right next to the bus stops.