This website is opposed to the University of Kent's development proposals for Chaucer Fields

Environmental concerns

The large scale of the proposal next to a suburban residential area will have significant, permanent, and detrimental impact on all residents. The proposal to build along the kilometre-long south-western flank of the existing green belt is unsuitable for the site. It is not sympathetic to the existing mixture of meadow and built up areas already in place. The University of Kent should consider an alternative site before a planning application is made.

The current managers at University of Kent, as temporary custodians of the green belt buffering the city of Canterbury from the main University campus have a resposibility to maintain the historical integrity of the former apple orchards that occupied the site before the University was built. The policy for building on brown field sites is followed elsewhere: why is there no requirement for the site's conservation as it exists today? Future generations will inherit an overcrowded and unsympatheitic University campus.

Map of affected area

View detailed map of the proposed site and affected areas